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that anymore, gentlemen. we can get back down to the tax, the redskins and what is going to happen when the lockout ends? and to it, who is the starting quarterback, gentlemen and -- >> i have a sneaking feeling that for the first time this week, i heard someone out of the park was -- and that is not a guaranteed deal. watch out. if rex is here, rex will win the job out of camp with a shortened work head per -- period here because he has more game experience in the system. he's been in the system longer, and by the biweek, after week 4 and early this year, i think john beck is going into the bi or after the bi. >> and initially the man is going with sexy rexy for the record. and grant paulson, what say you? and i don't have cool anything. i think that everything he had an opportunity to do, he had. whether that is male playbooks and a place to rooky to prepare. you see them here on the practice feel. and hopesd -- he was the guy to go to player's houses and to see who did what right and wrong and has to prove the first time he can play a high level of the national football league. >> su
that and he was phenomenal player. i am excited for him to be a redskin. >> i have experience in the defense. i am very excited about the talent that we have and have a great secondary positions and with me and boeing coming in on the d-line to help the guys, i'm excited about the defense. >> i am the type of guy who can run -- and i did in dallas, i'm used to playing them three-four and i also said when, where they signed cofeel, i knew that signing me we would be moving in the right direction. >> the team is praying praing without pads and there is little contact. that doesn't mean that accidents don't happen. yesterday, the top draft pick ryan kerrigan suffered a bone boost to the right knee. he said he felt better waking up this morning and he was not sure when he would be able to practice. he spent most of the time with the linebackers and watched them go through drills and worked with the coaches while wearing a compression sleeve on his right leg. he spoke about the injury today. >> actually, i went back and then i kind of sat down fo
back, we'll talk about when that heat returns. >> plus, things are about to kick off at redskins park as players return to training camp. >>> you childproof your home for safety but some products are being recalled tonight. 37,000 child-safe brand safety latches and outlet covers are being flagged because they can loosen and break and if it happens small children could get access to electrical outlets and other danger zones. what you don't want, it's happened at least four times. contact the manufacture ever for a free replacement. >>> the virginia governor is calling for an investigation into medicaid fraud after an undercover video showing a government worker deliberately telling an applicant to lie. conservative activist james o'keefe posed as a wealthy drug dealer who needs health care for himself and his father. >> she then tells him to list himself and father as self-employed. the governor says it's unacceptable for a government worker to instruct someone to break the law. >> unfortunately, medicaid fraud is more prevalent than people would believe and we have beefed up that me
that the suspect is a hispanic male in his 30s, a heavy set build and a strong accent. >>> many redskins fans are cheering tonight, the team is shipping albert haynesworth out. dave owens is live at redskins park. >> reporter: lesli, it's a day of change out here as you say, he is gone, but he's not the only one who is staying and who else is going. i'll have that story coming up in sports in about 10 minutes. >>> and our red light cameras are coming down. one state has turned them off. you're going to find out if any local areas around here plan to follow their lead. >>> the new jersey's governor is undergoing tests tonight after the emergency treatment for asthma. his spokesperson says that he was having difficulty breathing this morning and checked himself in on an abundance of caution. >>> they were attacked at miami international airport. two brothers were on board that flight bound for san francisco. well police say that while the plane taxied out last night, a flight attendant noticed jonathan diaz had not buckled his seat belt, appearing to be intoxicated. i pilot turned the plane bac
in a letter to house speaker, john boehner, his plan sup for a vote today. >>> back to work for the redskins, training camp starts today and the skins are the most active teams in free agency. the number of new faces you'll see wearing the burgundy and gold. good morning and thanks for joining us for "news4 today," i'm eun yang. >> and i'm joe krebs on this thursday, the 28th day of july, take a look at the day outside. 76 degrees right now. dawn here in the nation's capital, beautiful blue skies, it looks like a nice start to the day. see what kind of a finish we're going to have. here's tom. >> the sun will be up in about five minutes, it's getting later and later each day and temperatures around the region are very pleasant. it's down into the 60s in many locations. in virginia and in west virginia. and parts of northwestern and northern maryland. closer to washington, near 70 in arlington. and upper 70s in washington, mid 70s by the bay. eastern shore away from the waters and the northern neck, mid and upper 60s. we have clouds drifting in from the northwest, coming from clusters of dimi
tuesday at the ballpark will get a lot of folks out to enjoy this weather. the redskins did 3 [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own subway® bbq pulled pork sub. slow-cooked pork with bold barbecue sauce. >>> we last visited the anacostia river about a month ago when in a bar mullis took a dive into the river end -- when environmentalist took a dive into the river in hazmat suits. we have more on this new order. >> the decision about the anacostia river was a big win for environmental groups. the u.s. district judge roche the anacostia river is dirty. efforts have been an adequate and ordered the epa to come up with new standards in a year. >> we want to see the river clean doubt not only for -- cleaned up, not only -- for the human life that wants to swim. >> it is not just an issue in d.c. the u.s. clean water act mandated clean rivers by 1993. >> to
illnesses this year. >>> one of these well-known redskins is going to stay with the team. netflix is in for a new fight. 7 is on your side with their new competition. cooling off from casey anthony the decision to protect a key party indicates. that is when we return. >>> we are learning more tonight about a massive fire at a plastics plant in san francisco. raging flames reached 50 feet in the air. businesses and homes in the area have to be evacuated. we have no reports of injuries and we understand that air samples are being tested. >>> the attorney for the suspect and the nra terror attack says his client is likely insane. -- in the norway carry tax says his client is likely in saying. anders breivik admitted to committing the attacks last week. 76 people died in the rampage. he remains in jail awaiting a psychiatric evaluation. >>> the names of the jurors in the casey anthony murder trial will not be made public for three months. an orlando judge wants a cooling-off periods before releasing their names. the information will not be made available until october. earlier this mo
claimed it was self-defense. >>> washington redskins getting ready to littlefield for the first time, but some major changes. the end of donovan mcnabb. they will trade the quarterback to minnesota. brianne carter is live in aspirants with that deal and the first day of training camp. >> good morning. we are finally talking football. not just football, but playing football getting the players back on the field after the walkout. now word that they could finally be at redskins park for the first day of training camp. after one year with the the burgundy and gold, donovan mcnabb is no longer going to be a redskin. he was traded to minnesota. in return, the redskins are giving two go-around draft picks. while he's a great player, some say that he was not the right fit in washington. some say it was never going to work from the beginning. they got clemons from a project to be the new quarterback. and-wilso josh wilson. and jeremy jarmon adnnd jabar gaffney. the first open day of training camp for the fans will be saturday, july 30. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >>> 5:07, 7
more terror cells out there plotting. >>> and football is back. the redskin fans, the lockout is over. brett haber is live in front of the nfl players association. that is in northeast dc with more, brett? >> reporter: well, lesli, the players finally got it done. and i think that it is safe to say that the nfl players pushed people around for a living, but last thursday, you know, when the owners approved that new deal and declared that the lockout was over, the players felt like they were getting pushed around a little bit. they wanted to end this thing on their timetable, not just the owner's timetable, and that is what they accomplished today. in fact, a unanimous vote of the 32-player representatives from the team, approving the new cba here in northwest today. and they are not wasting any time getting football back online. the team facilities are opened up tomorrow morning, redskins players will report to training camp on wednesday. and practices are beginning on thursday. and now all at the same time, gm bruce allen and the head coach, mike shanahan and all the redskins front o
. >>> mother nature is gearing up for another repeat of last week's heat and humidity. >>> the redskins make deals -- at the latest on the comings and goings at redskins park. >>> exactly one year until the kickoff of the 2012 olympics in london, but the celebration is already underway. we were at the canadian embassy in northwest d.c. for a ceremonial torch relay which went from the embassy to the british embassy 4 miles away. vancouver was the site of the previous olympics for the 2010 games. nice to have warm weather to celebrate the winter games. another countdown in washington d.c. that people are actually looking forward to. >> we're just a month away from the unveiling of the national memorial for dr. martin luther king jr.. this afternoon nearly 100 members of the national black catholic joint conference at a preview of the memorial. >> one month until anyone can visit the grounds of the martin luther king jr. memorial and these select groups of religious leaders from around the nation received a sneak peek of the progress. >> i grew up in the middle of the civil rights era
redskins head coach mike shanahan is speaking to the media about the first day of practice. you're going to hear what he had to say coming up. >>> but first, a look at the weekend rush hour and the hot spots you should avoid. stay with us. >>> the weekend get away is here, monika samtani. >> it is here. started at noon and part of it still continues on the beltway. let's go to 66 first. eastbound side of 66 which is against the rush hour flow a minor accident at route 123 on the shoulder westbound looking better. new hampshire avenue. outer loop just across the bridge span here but no big deals on the west side and that will take you over to the maps. if you're planning to head northbound on the vw parkway still the slow stuff beginning towards route 22. the good news if you're heading out route 50 to the bay bridge you're good to go right now. lesli, back to you. >> all right. we will be right back. >>> a plan to keep metro bus riders safe seems to be working but not without some controversy. since the transit agency installed security cameras on their buses there have been nearly 2000
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. >> the nfl teams try to get the roster is settled. find out all the late-breaking redskins news, coming up. >> today on "oprah," a saturday night live all-star cast reunion. that is at 4:00 on abc 7. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> donovan mcnabb's remaining time as a redskin may be counted in hours. the redskins and vikings have a deal in place to send him to minnesota as their presumptive starter. the agreement requires him to restructure his contract. >> the redskins would receive a sixth round pick in 2012 and a conditional pick in 2013. >> the redskins negotiated a deal for barry caulfield, a free agent nose tackle. >> good morning. it is reported the redskins have locked up santana moss with three-year deal worth $15 million. he gets a $5 million signing bonus if, 6 million guaranteed. coming off his biggest year. he had his fourth straight season of 1,000 yards or more. the redskins could still use a big receiver at the other side. the redskins have told the judge bidwell that he will be released and are going after brad mayer of the bears. nat
shot him. >>> a major shake-up for the washington redskins as they get ready to hit the field for the first time. it is the end of an era for donovan mcnabb. the front office is expected to announce it is trading the veteran quarterback to minnesota. brianne carter is live in ashburn. >>> after a rough season and then a lot out and talk of trade, redskin fans are ready to see the players back out on the field. we have seen some players show up here at redskins park for the first day of training camp. mike shanahan, the coach, is already here. another face we expect to see albert haynesworth, remains on the roster. some familiar faces will not be part of the team this year. after one year donovan mcnabb is said to be no longer a redskin. he will be traded to minnesota. some fans say while he is a great player and would be a great addition to any team, he was not the right fit here in washington from the beginning. the redskins have -- as another quarterback. they have a former raven's cornerback. there will be a lot of competition. mike shanahan like to see that during training
. >>> the nfl lockout is over, anded redskins begin their training camp today. >> what would football be without controversy, how about a quarterback controversy. >> like who will it be. >> kristin phisher is live in northwest washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's the end of an era, the end of the donovan mcnabb era, and boy, it was short lived. yesterday he was shipped off to the minnesota vikings, reallying marking the end of the rough 13-month relationship with mcnabb and coach shanahan. many of his teammates said they were shocked by the way the relationship played out, and they were sad to see him go. >> i would be lying to say i wasn't surprised or i wasn't shocked. i think the whole redskin nation was, but like i said, it was a decision made by coach, and he made it for the betterment of the team, and you don't question that. >> to see a guy who has been a probowler six times coming in to win more games, but it didn't work out because relationships broke down, he's not here. you can't focus on that. you have to continue to move forward. >> reporter: the mcnabb trade wa
this, lockouts test fan loyalty, so we wanted to find out if redskins' fans were still angry about the month-long player/owner dispute or if they would forgive and forget fast. what we found is everyone is excited if football's return although some for different reasons. at red skin's park tuesday. signs of the season. burgundy and gold swag ready to sell. players took to the internet with a sales pitch of their own? we want to thank you for all your support. >> in this letter, head coach mike shanahan and general manager bruce allen declared redskins' fans the best in sports. they also thanked them for standing behind the team while labor issues were resolved. not one fan we met in chinatown thought the four-month lockout would cancel any games. >> i didn't think that was possible. the owners were going to lose too much money. they were going to come up with some kind of idea to get the season on the road. >> reporter: we did not meet one fan who said he or she wouldn't be cheering this season. >> i'm still a fan. you know, everybody has their issues and it has to be resolved. >>
, training facilities around the country will open in redskins park. tomorrow ten teams will begin training camp. on thursday another ten teams, including the redskins, will reopen training camp. on friday free agents can sign contracts. by the 4th of august, the union contract has to be ratified. elaine reyes is live at redskins park, where players will begin to show up today to begin the 2010 season. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are certainly getting ready for everyone to be here. the grass is cut. the parking is ready here. you can see the trailer and the tent behind me. we've seen cars go through the gate. players can begin arriving at 10:00 this morning. this will be the first time in five months that they have been able to work out here at the facility. the new ten hi-year collective bargaining agreement will split $9 billion in revenues. the owners get 53% and the players get 47%. today the race is on to sign free agents, rookies, and begin the trade process. teams are scrambling. we caught up with some redskins players yesterday at a charity event at a target store.
the happy meal. big change is coming to the golden arches. the redskins reached a deal with one star. and >>> wednesday morning 81 degrees at reagan national airport. comfortable temperatures across the area. a nice warm up later this morning. lowno fog. lisa baden will be here in a moment. in winchester, 68. in cumberland, 68, nothing on the satellite and radar. a few clouds right now. we will see that throughout the day time with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. temperatures will rebound to about 90 degrees. tonight, a few high clouds with nighttime lows in the 60's and low 70's. humidity cranking up a little tomorrow 89-93 degrees. the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. first, lisa baden. >>> it is a good morning. the major problems to report. clearing overnight construction so you should have the all clear. i have selected a couple cameras. this is the beltway at route 1 in college park. i am loving the trip at fedex field. look goods out of town at the wilson bridge. nowhere is on the virginia side in alexandria. the beltway is quiet. looks good on 270 out of frederick into m
over worries about the possibility of a default. >>> well, the redskins' $100 million man, oh, he's gone. after two seasons of failing to meet expectations, the team has parted ways with disgruntled defensive lineman albert haynesworth. hakem dermish is out at the park. are they happy there? >> yes, they are happy, wendy. i think that's an understatement. it's unfortunately a sad situation, because they had hoped that albert haynesworth would have worked out when they signed him to that $100 million contract, $41 million guaranteed, but unfortunately it didn't work out. albert haynesworth has been traded to the new england patriots for a fifth round pick in the 2013 nfl draft. haynesworth and mike shannahan clashed frequently. haynesworth failed to complete a fitness test, most of the time looked disinterested in playing, including in a play against the eagles last season. haynesworth was suspended for the final four games of the season last year for conduct detrimental to the team. the 30-year-old hanls worth was just two years into his seven-year, $100 million contract that incl
by the redskins was a long-time coming. the revved skins had 132 days of lockout time to decide what to do with albert shanahan -- hall berth haynesworth. now he is no longer the problem of mike shanahan but bill belichick. he signed on for seven years and $100 million. his ten our lasted 20 games over two years. he pocket the more than $35 million. his time in d.c. ens with a glorious four-game suspension. under some acquisition, the skins agreed to terms with three free agents, stephen bowen, a defensive send with cowboys, chris chester, from the ravens and eagle punder sat riacca who becomes the 9th player since 1999 to be the skins' starting punter. the redskins have signed many of the drafted rookies but a couple who have not been signed, there are probably a couple of the most important. we'll update you on that coming up in sports >>> the controversy surrounding a mega church pastor is not going away. why a new accuser has emerged a week after a new settlement has emerged. >>> and a popular game show host ended up in the hospital. >> and we are talking about the return of the heatad
. >> thanks, anny. >>> speaking of heat, the redskins officially getting hot out in the sun. >> definitely the one day of the month they have their first practice. good for them. training camp officially underway. now the only negotiations we are talking about are new contracts. the players speak out today on how it felt to get back on the grid iron. >>> plus an honorable gesture by a new teammate. could the nats stop the bleeding? i feel like a broken record. those and more coming up next in sports. >>> 4 1/2 months of wondering how football would be affected by the lockout training camp still opened on time but it is going to be a crash course. considering there are many new faces at redskins park. today was a sight redskins fans have been waiting for. seeing those burgundy and gold jerseys heading to the practice field. a two and a half hour practice. saying it was just good to get out and be a team again. >> it is good getting out doing football stuff. it is the first day. >> we have been anticipating the day for a long time to be able to go out and practice with the team with coaches
>>> hello. thank you for being with us. washington redskins defensive tackle albert haynesworth has been traded. a person familiar with that deal says haynesworth will join the new england patriots. however, the redskins and patriots have not formally announced the trade. dave is live in ashburn with more information. dave. >> reporter: you know, no surprises here. just a lot of relief. mike shanahan needed to do two things to make sure the drama from last year didn't bleed over in in season. one trade ton van mcnabb. he got that done. two, get rid of albert haynesworth. that happened this morning, they shipped him off to new england in ex chain for a draft pick in 2013. new england head coach said his team was in the process of acquiring the defensive lineman. a nightmare episode, record contract in 2009, later that season haynesworth started to complain about former defensive coordinator greg, then in 2010, the infamous conditioning test. that followed up with off-field legal problems and the stubborn standoff with coach shanahan. we talked to a lot of redskins players around here
morning. the redskins report for training camp on thursday. >> i was excited. ready to get back. your body starts to feel the itch for contact so and you want to compete. it's a blessing that we got it figured out. >> everyone had to give some things but everyone got what they wanted. the number one thing is we won't be missing any games. >> the redskins allowed to start signing rookies and freeing ats immediately and they signed a rookie free agent safety out of florida. tomorrow they can negotiate with veteran free agents. four months of nfl transactions in about four days, really. it's going to be nuts. >> it's going to be a wild time. >>> still ahead, norway mourns those killed in two attacks. and the suspects father speaks out. >>> an airplane ran into trouble after takeoff and had to dump fuel over a city. >>> someone shot inside an airport when a rifle goes off accidentally. >>> and an exclusive first look in the walter reed national military medical >>> in a courtroom in norway today, anders breivik admitted to two attacks that killed dozens of people but he says he is not criminal
redskins. training camp opens tomorrow and the first practice is friday. the wide receiver and the skins have report thely reached an agreement. espn is reporting santana moss is the first of the redskins free agents to stay in-house agreeing to a three-year $15 million deal including a $5 million signing bonus. moss is the first of the redskins free agents to say in house agreeing to that deal. now, while moss is staying, it is unlikely donovan mcnabb will be throwing him the ball. there are several reports that the vikings and redskins are very close to finalizing a deal that would send quarterback donovan mcnabb to minnesota. one of the issues with mcnabb is working out a restructured contract. vikings cannot make a deal with the redskins if they don't have a deal with mcnabb first. >>> a mother saw kids on her son's school bus yelling for help. she jumped on the bus to see what was wrong. >> now, she is facing legal trouble. up next, why she says she was just doing what any parent would do. >>> thousands of post offices in danger of being shut down including several here in our area.
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redskins and that is not going to include donovan mcnabb. as expected, he has been traded to minnesota. an official announcement expected today. in exchange for mcnabb, the red up and will get a sixth round draft pick in 2012 and a conditional pick the next year. mcnabb had a tumultuous one- year run next year getting benched twice. >>> next, the latest on allegations that 9-11 victims were targeted in the news of the world phone hacking scandal. >>> the texas coast wrassing for a tropical storm. why this round of rough weather could bring some much-needed relief to parts of that hot, hot state.  -- the texas coast bracing for a tropical storm.  >>> families of 9-11 victim will meet with eric holder about the phone hacking scandal involving the news of the world tabloid. a different british tabloid says journalists from news of world contacted a former new york police officer turned private investigator reportedly offering to pay him to get private phone records of 9-11 victims but he turned them down. news of the world closed down earlier this month.
z. >> it's going to be hot, hot, hot. i don't think we have ever seen the redskins so excited to return to work. >> i saw some guys doing some stretching. looks like major cobwebs. st was a site we have been waiting five months to see. football players on a football field. a live report from redskins park on the first day back at work and why the starting quarterback got turned away at the security gate. 9sports explains next. >>> it's time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >> we welcome you to the nfl's version of musical chairs. at 10:00 a.m. this morning, they started the music, the league started running around in circles and when the music stops, we will see who is on what team. dave owens is there. >> they were happy to be back. they also said that they weren't following every detail of the negotiation with ownership. they trusted that demores smith would lead them in the right direction. back in redskins park for the first time since the lockout began. aracpo rearing to go. his surgically repaired shoulder feels great. so that's good news. players got to w
already has a redskins tattoo. he's pondering another and thinking that the washington nationals curly w might look pretty good. at the ballpark beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> at&t putting the brakes on heavy smartphone data users and your gallon of gas will go a lot further in the future. laura evans is back with your fox 5 top five. >> first up tonight no. 5 breast cancer deaths are declining, but research from britain claims that is due to better treatment, not screenings. data was analyzed from six european countries. the countr findings suggest the early screenings aren't as important as improvement in treatment. >>> at and t will start limiting speeds for the customer with unlimited data plans taking effect october 1st. at&t stopped signing up new customers for unlimited plans last year. high data users are accused of clogging the airwaves for everyone. no. 3, more bang for your buck at the tank. the white house struck a deal with several automakers to raise future fuel efficiency standards. the deal almost doubles fuel efficiency from 20 miles per gallon to about 54.5 miles per gall
ap-- nissan sports extra. are we talking redskins solar panels? >> we're going to move on and i think they're wrapping a bit. chris russell, espn 180 and they're the redskins insiders, i am going to put them on the spot and do your prep operation -- preparations. we will find out who the redskins starting quarterback will be on week one and talk about some golf from the british open and golf guys and we might dabble in the nats. it's a jam-packed show. >> i was going to say, action- packed. >> always is. >> and that is it for us. fox 5 news as you know, always on and we back tomorrow at 6, 10, and 11. stay tuned for nissan sports extra coming your way in two minutes. >> good evening, i'm dave ross and welcome to another edition- of-nissan sports extra. we're talking british open, the nats trying to get back in then with column and who better to do that with than the two guys who know them the most and gentlemen, it's a side night that you can be manhe
. >>> redskins players eagerly reported to training camp today under a flurry of free agent deals and trades. >> that includes an end to the donovan mcnabb era in dc. brett haber with the latest. what is going on? >> reporter: this marriage between donovan mcnabb and mike shanahan was doomed practically in the moment it started. it ended today as many predicted it would, in divorce. christie -- kristen has more. good evening. >> reporter: it was a matter of where he would land. after days of rumors we now know mcnabb will be a minnesota viking. the redskins in return get a sixth round pick in the 2012 draft. a far cry from the second and fourth rounders they gave up to get mcnabb but puts an end to a tumultuous year between the two which ended with the six-time pro bowler on the bench. nab -- as news spread throughout the locker room here at redskins park today some players say they were shocked the way this all played out and were sad to see him go. >> i would be lying if i wasn't surprised or wasn't shocked. i think the whole redskin nation was but like i said it was a decision made b
. >> the climate is changing in redskins park. albert haynesworth is gone. >>> vdot is planning to experiment with a method that would use technology to inform drivers weather to expect a delay. this is a first of its kind plan. drivers are learning about how it would work. >> at this very moment, that they are putting on a public hearing to explain what they're calling smart technology. bear gall -- they're not going to make 66 a construction zone. they say they are going to use what they have and just add to it. >> it is always a risk taking it. >> any parts of the 34-miles between the district and haymarket va. understand its notoriety. >> it cannot handle all the cars. >> officials know well the problems on this roadway. without changing the road itself it can attempt to make condition safer with the marriage of technology and information. at $32 million, the active traffic management will use modern systems and cameras to measure traffic speed and volume. >> weekend despite a message -- we count display a message. we can start moving people. >> those make more sense. >> they have been us
-defense but that was found not true. dean newell at was found to be involved in a similar incident. >>> the redskins breport for the first day of training camp. they have been busy since the end of the nfl lockout. one person who will not be at redskins park today is donovan mcnabb. the quarterback is the shift off -- shipped off to the minnesota vikings. >>> food inflation is putting pressure on restaurant chain panera,? -- panera bread. >> linda bell has more from bloomberg news in new york. >> asian stocks fell overnight. less than a week to go before a potential default on u.s. data, investors closely watching capitol hill. stock-index futures right now pinned a higher open for the major market averages. signs of life from research in motion. get ready for an update. a new version of its instant messaging system is available for download today. it could not come any sooner as it has been losing market share to apple and cell phone using android. food inflation is taking a bite out of panera bread passing on higher commodity costs to consumers. prices could go up as much as 3.5% by the end of the year. w
-month lockout, the redskins are back on the field. today is opening day of training camp. [ cheers ] >> it will be just 1 someday -- 1 day after the skins made major roster moves. kristin is live. >> reporter: today is the end of an era, much speculation on this. >> reporter: yeah, the end of the donovan mcnabb era. that was short lived. yesterday he was shipped off to the minnesota vikings, marking the end of the 13-month relationship between mcnabb and coach shanahan. many of his former teammates said yesterday they were shocked by the way the relationship between the two played out and said they are sad to see their now former quarterback go. >> i would be lying to say i wasn't surprised or shocked. i think the whole redskin nation was, but like i said it was a decision made by coach, and he made it for the betterment of the team, and you don't question that. >> to see a guy who has been a probowler six times, coming in to help us win more games but it didn't work out. now it didn't work. you to continue to move forward. >> reporter: the mcnabb trade was one of many changes made
in again. >> my pleasure. >>> following developing news from redskins park. now that the lockout is over the team and its players are back to work. fox 5 sports director dave feldman joins me now. what was the mood in ashburn today and were there any player personnel moves? >> the mood was good and the answer yes, santana moss the first of the free agents to stay in-house agreeing to a three year $15 million deal including a $5 million signing bonus according to espn. also several reports the vikings and redskins are very close to finalizing a deal to send the quarterback to minnesota. the delay is the reworking of mcnabb's contract. while mcnabb is almost surely gone, albert haynesworth might be around this season. mike shanahan says they aren't going to give him away, the co haynesworth is still under contract with the skins already paid almost 35 million for 20 games of work, scheduled to earn 5.4 this season. he was suspended the final four games last season for conduct detrimental to the club and here's his teammate brian orakpo. >> it wears you don't. albert don't want to talk abo
. >> reporter: merchandise sales will also certainly pick up now. redskins park tuesday, they're already getting ready for saturday, when fans will arrive for the first open practice of the season. with the burgundy and gold swag ready to sell, players took to the internet with a sales pitch of their own. >> it's been a tough time for all of us. we can't wait to get back out on the field. thank you so much for your patience. >> management got in on the pr on this letter, mike shanahan and bruce allen declared red skin's fans the best in sports for standing behind the team while labor issues were resolved. >> i'm still a fan. everyone has their issues, it has to be resolved. >> sit back, wait, and now they're ready to go. >> reporter: with the lockout over, and the season set to start, football fans can get excited about their teams and redskins fans can start their annual ritual. suggesting roster moves. >> mcnabb, haynesworth. >> i hope they're gone. we'll see what happens. >> i'm super excited. >> why? >> i want the dolphins to win this year. >> get rid of mcnabb and get a better quarterback.
apartment. >> why is britain banning this makeup add? >> and other big a redskins fan. >> we need to put down a lot of things. hot dogs would be one of them. >> a medical debate is on over whether hot dogs or cigarettes or worse for your help. -- health. >>> which is worse for you? hot dogs or cigarettes? >> it is a debate sparked by a group of doctors. they say you might want to rethink your milk choice at the next baseball game. >> when it boils down to hot dogs and cigarettes, neither one is better. a hot dog and day habit, a smoking habit is all the same when it comes to harming your health. the hot dog, line them up, they almost a bad to be smothered in chilly. >> -- chili. >> it is so good. >> what is the love affair of hot dogs? a group of doctors warn that even the processed meat is the risky -- is as risky as smoking a cigarette. >> there is no safe amount to consume. >> she points to data from the american cancer institute. it increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. she says the d.c. area has the highest rated gas and collector of cancer in the country. is that enough
of the current redskins free agents. on the offense you've got qb rex grossman, wide receiver santana moss, offensive tackle jammal brown and stephon hire. on defense phillip buchanon, kris wilson, h.b. blades and reed dowdy. tomorrow should be interesting. >>> the good news for your washington nationals is their 9 nine-game road trip is over. the bad -- nine-game road trip is over. the bad news is it didn't end earlier. the top of the first against l.a. and bases juiced, michael morse delivers the base hit to the left, roger bernadina scores and nats up 1-0 but that's all the offense they'd get. chad billingsley came out on fire, strikes out the next three batters starting with jayson werth. he goes seven innings, gives up two hits and struck out 10. bottom of the 1st dodgers get all the runs they need. there's one up the middle off jason marquis. the nats' defense trying to control damage, danny espinoza looking on. matt kemp is too quick and jesus flores drops the ball. dodgers take a 2-1 lead and win 3-1. they're off tomorrow, back in d.c. to face the marlins tuesday. davey johnson, c
in business. the redskins first public practice is under way right now and the team looks a lot different from last year. derrick ward is out at redskins park right now with more on the training camp that's happening. hey, derrick. >> reporter: that's right. i did indeed lace up my cleats. i'm standing on a hill. this is the first day of public training camp which is open to the fans. actually had a day of practice yesterday. but take a look, there's been a steady stream of fans coming in since about 8:30 when the gates opened young and old. this is a chance for fans still to get a chance to be on field level with the player, coaches and trainers. taking a look at what they do and how it's done right and how it's done wrong. this also gets at the character of a team. this is where you see who the true fans are. i've seen a five month old here. well shaded from the sun but here nonetheless. and it's also who you see. as we were coming in, joe theismann was pulling in and that's an experience fans look for. these are the ones that will stick by this team throughout the season. and it has been a
splits in two. how they managed to walk away from this crash. >>> the redskins get their first peek at how the team's shaping up. >>> another royal wedding, but this royal made some very different choices from her cousin will. >>> and chuck, are we going to get a break? >> we've got a little bit of a break today when the temperatures only reached 97 degrees here in washington. but i think a little more cooling is headed our way for tomorrow. what about any more record heat >>> 157 passengers and 6 crew members walked away from this plane crash today in south america. the caribbean airline 737 was attempting to make a landing in georgetown, guyana, when it overshot the runway and broke into several pieces, as you can see there. everyone survived. three passengers had to be hospitalized. there was heavy rain and fog at the time of this crash. the flight had originated in new york, made a stop in trinidad before crash landing there in georgetown. >>> the british royal family is celebrating another wedding. today it was prince william's cousin who walked down the aisle. sarah phillips t
that the redskins are getting. an interesting day. the national's look for a walk off in the ninth tonight. did they get it? i will show you. the redskins get a quality quarterback. >>> the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >>> donovan mcnabb has not reworked his contract with the minnesota vikings. they are finalized a deal that will send him to minnesota and to give the redskins a six-round draft pick. the paperwork is being completed as we speak and it will be announced tomorrow. they did not want to pay him the $10 million roster bonus. the bottom line, donovan mcnabb fits well with the offense and he would be a great role model for the rookie quarterback. he was appreciated in the redskins' locker room as well. >> he is one of my good friends and i am sad to see us -- see him leave us. you will be missed. he is a well polished player. best of luck to him. >> a definite professional. the redskins acquired quarterback clinton. they were actively adding players on the roster all day. they now have 14 wide receivers ready for camp. it is not ju
does not mark the redskins game. it is the other football. ♪ the attraction is the matchup of manchester united and sc porcelain. >> visa the two biggest teams in the world. it is a match of the big final. >> they are the l.a. lakers of europe. that is why it is exciting. >> they pulled in more than 80,000 fans on a hot night in landover. >> to see these two teams play each other, it is akin to haley's comet. >> it is a display of athletic prowess and pride for the sport. >> it is exciting to watch the best play each other. >> a lot of immigrants play these sports. americans play these sports. this thing is going to grow. >> the exposure of this game has an audience of hundreds of millions of people. >> i have cousins in los angeles watching the game. it is like a world event right now. >> d.c. joins chicago and baltimore as being the host of worldwide soccer this may not be as rare as haley's comet in the future. >>> the fans were out in force today for the first redskins' training camp opened to the public. the fans were eager to watch the practice despite the heat after
a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> hakem just came back from redskins park. all kinds of stuff going on out there today. >> i'm happy to be sitting here next to you, and you doreen and veronica, to finally say, you know what is this we have a problem that's solved. at least we hope so. >> you talking about what's his name? >> we're all about problem-solving. >> we're all about not talking about albert anymore. this is the last time, right? >> exactly. passing a physical is a formality in most cases in professional sports but when talking about albert haynesworth, it's a punch line. haynesworth was traded but he has to pass his physical for the deal to be completed. he also needs an attitude change. it was said today, quote, it's always team first, that's the patriots' way, if you can't put the team first, you won't be here. meanwhile, the redskin released several players today including philip daniels. he's one of the hardest workers on the team but injuried limited his production. the 38-year-old today told us he's not ready to retire. rab back only mi
for sunday and monday. monday's temperature 91 degrees but the redskins will be at it at training camp and it looks like donovan mcnabb will be packing his footballs and heading out of town. >> good evening. the nfl lockout ended on monday and since then, the redskins have been keeping busy. the d mcnabb's stay in washington is over. the skins and vikings have agreed for a deal to send mcnabb to minnesota in exchange for a 2012 sixth round pick and a conditional pick the following year. paperwork is being finalized right now. an announcement is expected tomorrow. mcnabb will give the vikings a veteran quarterback while they groom christian ponder. he had a tumultuous first run here getting benched twice, throwing a career high 15 interceptions in 13 days. >>> that one saga has ended and the skins can focus on albert haynesworth who will report to training camp tomorrow but in the meantime, the redskins have 14 wide receivers, yes 14, resigning santana moss and agreeing to terms with brandon stokely. also trading for gaffney in exchange for garman. he's coming off the two best seasons o
nabb possibly going and haynesworth possibly staying. we'll tell you about that. plus the redskins free agent who is picking a team >4 >>> it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> member how renee zelwegger split up four months after she was married. maybe that is what will happen with mcnabb. yahoo sports reports that the redskins and vikings have a deal in place to ship mcnabb to minnesota in exchange for one or two six or seven round picks. mcnabb would mentor christian ponder to be the vikings starter. meanwhile, mcnabb's favorite target will be staying in washington. reports are that the skins will sign moth to a three year, $15 million meal. moss had a career high 93 catches last year. he just turned 22. apparently quarterback phillip buchanon has offers from the redskins and the jets. how do we know this? take a look at what phillip tweeted today. what's up, family? redskins or jets? he may be the first free agent in history to sign based on twitter feedback. add your thoughts at phillip buchanon. as for the rest of the team, remember how crazy your kids got
, the nfl lockout is over and the business of football officially kicked off this morning at redskins park. brett is here with me. good to see those guys back. >> the guys were happy to be back. not all of them are here, because anyone who is a free agent can't report for another week or so, but they are getting back to the business of football. normally football players are less than psyched about the first day at the team facility, but there was a distinctive happiness as players filed into redskins park today. some of the guys got back to work today. hey dave. >> hey brett, we began seeing activity at 9:30 as players drove up to the gate. we couldn't get inside until 10:00. once inside, we were able to witness what football fans in this area and all across the country have been longing for and that is football players reporting to football facilities. how about that? here was the scene earlier this morning. brian aracpo came on to the scene making his way inside, of course quarterback john beck has been at the center for his bold stake of the quarterback job. we saw the likes of brand
feet down a cliff during a family hike and survived. >> and the redskins just got back to work and already there are big changes in the organization. >> it could be a he or a she hiding behind the computer screen. >> not just kids are victims of cyber belize. the website allowing the comments hi, we're looking to save some money on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side so you get the same coverage often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> when website at lets people express their positive and negative opinions. >> 1 user is saying they were attacked personally many times. >> she studied business and worked as an investor -- worked as an investment banker and then move back home to alexandria to follow her dream. the cdo opened its doors in april and she's a small business owne
. >>> and ahead in sports with the nfl lockout over, it appears the redskins are cooking up a quarterback trade. more on that, stay with us. >>> 5:09, a nice morning? what's going to be the finest day of the week and actually some comfortable afternoon highs right around the 90- degree mark. but it gets worse tomorrow. and even more so on friday. today we'll see mid 80s by lunchtime. upper 80s to around 90s for the drive home. lower humidity levels but tomorrow mid 90s with more humidity will come back with the rest of the seven day forecast next time i talk to you. here's angie with the timesaver traffic. >>> a look at virginia's george washington parkway, that southbound trip right now looking pretty smooth from the beltway to the key bridge. still ahead a look at roads around the region. that's coming up in my next report. >>> making news now, at least 19 people have died in south korea after a torrential downpour triggered flash flooding and landslides. ten of the victims were college students who had been doing volunteer work. one child is missing. hundreds of people are trying to find mor
up later. >> anny, thank you. >>> well, we've got big news coming out of redskin's training camp today. the disgruntle defenseman lineman was traded to the new england patriots this morning. we have live reactions about that trade. >> reporter: i said it this morning, no surprises again here, just a lot of relief. the saga hung around for so long, but on tuesday they don't want to say another word about albert haynesworth. he department have to worry about that -- he doesn't have to worry about that michigan this redskins nightmare is officially done. >> the money is awesome, it's great. but i'm out here when i want to put that helmet on. it is to kick butt and make sure that god knows i'm the best player to ever be played against. >> reporter: it didn't happen. in the $100 million man logged just four sacks, missed four games, and claimed about the defensive scheme. while they did not speak to reporters again, fans in the area certainly did. >> when you give someone too much and just enough potential, $100 million, do you think he will work as hard? >> reporter: apparently not.
on for at least 24 hours now, the redskins do have a deal in place with the minnesota vikings to send quarterback donovan mcnabb to minnesota. it's for a pair of sixth round draft picks, one of those a conditional pick, depending on how mcnabb worked to play this season. if he#] he contract, which would be for significantly less money than he is getting right now. so that new contract is the final hurdle for donovan mcnabb. if he gets it, he goes to minnesota. he has a chance to start. they would bring him in to be a mentor for rookie quarterback christian ponder, who is a first-round draft pick. but there is word that mcnabb wants to get a specific amount of money. and if he doesn't get that money, there is always a chance that this deal could fall through. but minnesota seems like the likely landing spot for mcnabb. >>> all right. now to the signings for the redskins, and they have been aplenty, especially at wide receiver, the most recent person they have agreed to terms with is brandon stokley. he is a receiver who is in seattle last year. the skins also got jabbar gaffaney via trade, sending
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